More than Surviving


As we approach winter how can we make sure we personally do things that mean we can cope during this pandemic. As Christians we have a natural tendency to focus on other people, this is tied up in our calling and the gospel message, but there are times when you have to look after yourself as well. In the event of problem on a plane, parents are told to put their own oxygen mask on before their childs; this is counterintuitive to every parent, however, wisdom says if you cannot breathe you cannot help anyone else. In the same way, I think it's important for us to look after ourselves well during these Autumn/Winter months - to find ways to breathe, and to connect with each other. Looking to Jesus, we see him serving those in need but also spending time by himself and partying well with his friends!

As I've listened and reflected with people I've felt it's been helpful to put our needs into three categories. These are not exhaustive but they do help us to focus. Now, many of us will already be doing these well, and maybe you don't need to change anything. But others of us might need some encouragement to be creative. Below are three links to pages with ideas and resources, some we are providing and others people have found helpful. If you've got anything to add to any of these please do contact me and I'll update them.

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Martin Cockerill, 29/09/2020