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Sunday 23rd Jan - LiveStream
This week Paul shares about Jesus' four mile walk on water. How do we face the storms in our life?
Paul Joel,
Sunday 16th Jan LiveStream
5000 around a dinner table - Why does John mention the grass and Passover? What is John telling us about Jesus that we can understand today?
Martin Cockerill,
Sunday 9th Jan LiveStream
Why did Jesus cause such a storm and how was he going to answer those who questioned who he was and why he was doing the things he did.
Martin Cockerill,
Sunday 12th Dec - Live Stream
Advent 3 - The Role of the Magi, who where they and what can they teach us today?
Martin Cockerill,
Sunday 28th Nov LiveStream
What are Angels all about and what role do they play in our everyday?
Martin Cockerill,
Martin Cockerill, 27/04/2020