Prayer Weekend 6th - 7th February 

As a scattered church we will gather together in prayer over 24 hours talking, listening, asking and thanking God for our world, country, community and church. We want to encourage you to sign up for a time slot and pray at home; praying and seeking the face of God for the church and the world and Gods kingdom to come. You can pray individually or as a small group over the weekend. This is a good way of incorporating/converging the scattered church into a combined effort on interceding for the church and our community even when we are not able to gather together physically.
Our prayer time starts from Saturday 6th February 8am and finishes on Sunday 7th February at 8pm when we meet together for our usual evening prayer on Zoom.

Ephesians 6v18 - 'With all prayer and petition pray [with specific requests] at all times [on every occasion and in every season] in the Spirit, and with this in view, stay alert with all perseverance and petition [interceding in prayer] for all God’s people' 

As we keep talking, listening, asking and thanking God for our families, our church and believers around the world, remember to join us on Sunday evening at our prayer meeting as we share the revelations that God speaks to us over the 24hr period of prayer. Feel free to share or send your revelations to the organiser of the prayer weekend, Bismark Donkor, at and he will share them with the church leadership team.

Sign up to pray during a time slot below: 


6th February
8am - 9am - taken
9am - 10am - taken
 10am - 11am
11am - 12pm - taken
12pm - 1pm - taken
1pm - 2pm - taken
2pm - 3pm - taken
3pm - 4pm - taken
4pm - 5pm - taken
 5pm - 6pm
 6pm - 7pm
 7pm - 8pm
 8pm - 9pm
9pm - 10pm - taken
10pm - 11pm - taken
11pm - 12am - taken

7th February
12am - 1am - taken
 1am - 2am
 2am - 3am
3am - 4am - taken
 4am - 5am
5am - 6am - taken
6am - 7am - taken
7am - 8am - taken
 8am - 9am
9am -10am - taken
 10am - 11am
11am - 12pm - taken
 12pm - 1pm
 1pm - 2pm
2pm - 3pm - taken
3pm - 4pm - taken
 4pm - 5pm
5pm - 6pm - taken
 6pm - 7pm
 7pm - 8pm

Prayer requests include but are not limited to:
1. Prayer for the nation (government, health and wellbeing of the people, prayer for God to move in our nation by His Spirit and draw the nation back to God)
2. Prayer for our local community (hope, comfort for the needy/lonely/the sick/businesses at the brink of collapsing.
3. key workers (working to keep us all going) in this pandemic.
4. Children education- home schooling, cancellation of GCSE exams and others.
5. Prayer for our church leadership.
6. praying for those in the church who are unable to connect via the internet or who have particular needs.
7. prayer for Cara coffee/Romsey Mill in this turbulent/challenging times.
8. prayer for the youth in the church and for Tilly for her leadership in youth ministry.
9. prayer for children’s ministry (tiny toes, little steps, creche).
10. prayer for the worship team.
11. Prayer for the church, for God to envision us, and give us a new hunger for Him and passion for the lost, as well as for Him to show us His way forward as a body and equips for all He’s calling us to.

Finally, spend time praying for your family and yourself. Put your heart requests to God and he will answer you.
Matthew 6v6 - But when you pray, go into your most private room, close the door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees [what is done] in secret will reward you.

prayer weekend