A place to be still

Be Still

As lockdown eases many are questioning what of their old lives they want to return to and what they might like to change. Like a glass of muddy water our thoughts and desires can become jumbled up, but as a glass of muddy water settles when it is stilled and clear water emerges, so when we become still our thoughts have time to settle too and we can see more clearly the way ahead. 

Welcome to A Place to Be Still.

  • This is a place for you to come and relax.
  • Nothing will be asked of you but to listen. If you have a mobile phone you may want to turn it off or switch it to silent.
  • The format is very simple. 
  • The session begins with a prayer followed by a short relaxation exercise as a way of stilling our bodies. 
  • Then a meditation is read followed by 10 minutes of quiet music, during which you have time to reflect on the meditation you have just heard.
  • This space is for you.
  • You may fall asleep, that is fine, it is a sign you feel safe and relaxed.
  • The session will end with a simple blessing.

These meditations are suitable for those of faith or no faith, and for those exploring faith. However, as Christians we believe God can speak in the stillness and it is also an opportunity for you to speak to him in whatever way seems right or appropriate to you.

Over the weeks we will be uploading the prerecorded sessions for anyone to watch in their own time as an individual personal exercise.

To watch/download week one - Click Here
To watch/download week two - Click Here
To watch/download week three - Click Here
To watch/download week four - Click Here

Martin Cockerill, 07/07/2020